Qualia Review


If I had to summarize Qualia, I’d have to say it’s a great accompaniment to a nootropic stack as well as a useful substance on its own. That’s great, you might be saying – but what’s Qualia? Why should I care?


Experience how Qualia can improve your memory, focus, mental energy and concentration.



Many nootropic lovers have confirmed that Qualia is responsible for boosting creative energy, sharpening concentration, giving a thirst for gym activities, lowering anxieties, enhancing motivation and many other Superman-like abilities. Judging by the list of ingredients, that’s not so surprising. Qualia contains adaptogenic herbs (which bring the body into a state of harmony, lowering stress), Neuro Vitamins (vitamins that enhance cognition), Choline Donors (which also enhance brain function by providing it with choline), amino acids (needed for many bodily functions). The mix of all these ingredients almost assuredly says that Qualia will be a great substance for enhancing health.



There are several reasons why Qualia is considered by some to be the most useful nootropic that’s currently on the market.

  • Qualia single handedly energizes your brain and your body at the same time, allowing you to be as creative as Hemingway with as much athletic power as Westbrook.
  • ​​​​​Taking Qualia improves your cognitive abilities by supplying the brain with ‘smart’ neurochemicals.
  • It increases the metabolism which results in less fat and more lean muscles.
  • It takes care of your blood pressure and overall cardiovascular health.
  • It enhances the functions of the central nervous system.

One thing that’s special with Qualia is that you don’t have to take a handful of pills every 3 hours to make it happen. It is a short, effective route to all these amazing enhancements and the effects linger for quite some time.

Another bonus to keep in mind is the reliability of Qualia. You’re not just paying for a fancy packaging or a brand or anything similar. You’re buying the guarantee that you’re taking a nootropic made out of top-tier ingredients. The company is renowned for using quality ingredients and sourcing them from good manufacturers.

Qualia has a few nicknames already: the super pill, the focus pill, and the limitless pill are common. It’s really no wonder when you take a look at the list of ingredients. Qualia contains over 40 different ingredients which are all known to produce effects.



Qualia was launched by the Neurohacker Collective in April 2016. You won’t find it cheaper or more direct anywhere else, though it is available on Amazon which is useful for people who prefer their quick shipping.

The price of Qualia per serving is around $6, and the monthly subscription is $129, or $149 for a one-time purchase. This is pretty expensive, but considering the vast list of ingredients, you’re not getting ripped off. You could probably source them individually for cheaper, but the money you save would be replaced by time spent locating all the individual ingredients.

When you break up the full price to get the price for one serving, that amounts to $6.77. When you say $129 a month, that sounds like a down payment for a really good computer or some other piece of technology, but when you think about a daily cost of $6.77, it’s not that much.


If you take Qualia continuously, you’ll get an improved memory and enhanced verbal skills. When you engage in discussions, you’ll be able to follow complicated topics without losing your train of thought or stumbling over your response.

It regulates your brain chemistry and structure by providing the necessary neurotransmitters – mostly choline – and encouraging your brain to use them.

It also helps repair any previous damages done to your brain by either chemicals, inflammation or any harmful toxins.

This nootropic is great for helping to slow the onset of degenerative mental problems like Alzheimer’s by protecting the brain.



We’re going to cover two types of experiences – subjective (my own) and objective (various experiences that might occur on a case to case basis).

My subjective Experience Using Qualia Nootropic

In order to test this nootropic stack efficiently, I did almost exactly what the instructions said – take one capsule of Qualia from the Step One bottle, and two capsules from the Step Two bottle over the course of one month. Now, I’m the type of person who’s not going to be able to sleep all night if I had one cup of coffee in the morning. This sensitivity translates over to my use of drugs and nootropics, as well. Having said that, I tried taking a smaller dosage for starters.I felt kind of lightheaded and at the same time there was this weird pressure in my head and my throat. The feeling was kind of irritating but very light. Nothing mind-boggling.I was hyped and wanted to multitask everything – read 3 books at the same time, soak up the information for my new article from the web, and rearrange my furniture in the same ten minutes. I felt the desire for both physical and mental activities.

Usually, I’m kind of a perfectionist and a control freak. But after taking Qualia, I must say I had a calm and a controlled reaction to stuff that usually annoys me. No anxiety and no frustration.Also, I’m currently in a situation where I have to juggle around my personal passion project and work, and these two main obligations make 80% of my time.

Having said that, I felt a difference after using it for a few days – I suddenly wasn’t anxious and nervous when I tried to finish job-related tasks quickly and didn’t worry anymore about being late to a meeting later on. I’m always nervous about high-profile projects at work, deadlines, client’s feedbacks, etc. But I must say I felt at ease for the first time ever, and all it took was well-sustained and soothing energy.

My final opinion about Qualia is 99% positive because physically I felt more energized and mentally more relaxed than ever on stressful occasions. That might just mean that I “clicked” with this nootropic and that I got everything I needed from it. That would be my evaluation on short-term effects.


Many Qualia users are athletes, and it’s not uncommon for athletic-types to say that they need only about 10 minutes before the Step Two pill kicks in. Maybe there’s a relationship between their workout frequency and enhanced metabolism. The ones that are using Qualia to beat their records at the gym were fascinated with their ability to take on heavier lifts, more intense cardio exercises and aggressive bag punching. One such user even reported that he finished a 4-minute dead lift challenge in half the time and still felt like he could do more squats.There are loads of testimonials and video reviews from college students and people that are currently doing research for their Masters or Ph.D. They’re all saying how they can absorb information much easier when using calamus.

Another neat “feature” of the nootropic brain is that you could switch from one subject to another and never miss a thing. For example, you could read about mathematical equations and constitutional law at the same time and still memorize all the facts. Also, college and high school students that have troubles focusing on classes are finding Qualia very helpful. They described a problem they had before, which is listening to someone speak and not really hearing because they’re thinking about something totally different. These pills increased their senses to the point of complete and unbreakable focus. They felt like nothing could disturb it. Synapses were going wild with awareness and some said that their peripheral vision increased.One strange review caught my eye the other day. This user described how he developed anxiety and panic disorder by using Qualia and had to stop with all supplements for a while to figure out why. He took Magnesium supplementation to sort that out and continued with a lowered dose later on. After that, he did describe a God-like cognitive ability which totally fits in the Qualia philosophy – being on top things on all levels, empathy, absolute awareness, etc.


Remember that any and all substances should be taken with caution as they may have side effects. Qualia is no different, especially considering its huge list of ingredients.One of Qualia’s ingredients, Bacopa Monnieri, serves as an improver of memory function. On the other hand, it significantly reduces dopamine signaling in the striatum, which in plain English means that in most cases it damages the brain on a long-run. That’s if the doses are not in order. Qualia also contains l-dopa, which may damage brain’s motor control systems if it’s used for a long time.

The long list of nootropic ingredients make this product very special from the market standing point, but you must follow the instructions carefully and control the dosage you’re taking. There’s also an issue of purity. Neurohacker does seem like an honest company, but many wholesale suppliers don’t have any certificates of analysis that could confirm if the ingredients are what they say they are. Who knows where Neurohacker sources their ingredients or if they’re reliable?

Considering how Qualia provides both mental and physical enhancements, if you want to increase the abilities of just one of these aspects, we suggest you try taking nootropics individually rather than to buy pre-mixed blends.



I generally liked Qualia, especially because it was the first nootropic I ever tried. I was kind of spooked then because I didn’t know what to expect – 42 ingredients is no joke.

I wasn’t really feeling limitless like Bradley Cooper and I didn’t get rich in half an hour, but I felt a lot differently than before I took the pill – in a positive way. It is expensive though, I’ll admit, but it is worth it if you’re thinking about getting serious with nootropics to achieve something faster and better. Like I said, I’ve not used other nootropics, so I’m not able to compare the value of the price – all I know is I’ll be using it again.

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