Proven Peptides Review

Proven Peptides Review -

It’s quite hard to find honest, reliable SARMs suppliers. You need to be very cautious when you’re looking to order SARMs online: many vendors sell sub-par supplements, trade in misinformation, and have no valid, third party credentials for their products.

There is also a lot riding on the quality of the SARMs you buy. Of course, your own personal gains will be at stake: if you train like a beast but without the right dietary input, you will see little return on invest for all your time and energy spent. More than this, however, is the safety of what you’re consuming. The SARMs market is highly unregulated, so an unscrupulous trader can easily fill their product with all sorts of untested, unlabelled ingredients that can play havoc with your hormone levels and general health.

Luckily, however, there are a few reputable traders out there who put their money where their mouths are and consistently deliver good quality SARMs with proven purity and no added nonsense. Proven Peptides are one of these, and it’s an odds-on bet that you won’t be disappointed if you decide to go with them.

Who are Proven Peptides?

Proven Peptides are one of just a handful of companies who provide Certificates of Analysis, and who keep them regularly updated. For this reason, I would rank them amongst the most trustworthy supplement companies out there, and would happily recommend their SARMs.

SARMS, or Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators, are a divisive product in the fitness arena. On the one hand, they are backed by substantive scientific evidence showing how effective they are, collectively, at improving performance and building muscle. On the other, the lack of regulation has many worrying about the quality of the SARMs they are buying, and the possible side effects these products might deliver.

Many companies refuse to provide 3rd part Certificates of Analysis- proof, by impartial lab analysis, that their products are pure and of high standard. They neglect to make them available entirely, or else have certificates that are out of date. You won’t have this concern with Proven Peptides.

They also have very good customer service and reasonably reliable delivery quality. You will get a money back guarantee with them; to me, all of this reinforces the notion that they mean business, and that they put your fitness experience before all else.

Are Proven Peptides legitimate?

As I mention above, Proven Peptides have good quality customer service. You can reach them by phone as well as email, so there is a layer of tacit accountability there that many other companies don’t ensure. If you have any problems with your order, you can call someone up and have them deal with it.

In my experience, this generally correlates with fewer problems with orders.

As well as this, they are definitely looking to the long term with regards their relationships with their customers. Many companies may only be looking to make a quick buck, selling you a quick, substandard supplement before moving on. This isn’t the case with Proven Peptides. For starters, they have a pretty decent reward program called Peptide Points. Every dollar you spend with them gives you a little store credit, meaning they expect you to be a repeat, long lasting customer.

This presumably means that they have great confidence in their products.

As they should: their products are very good. They have all the main SARMs you would ever need in liquid form, including best-sellers such as Cardarine, Ostarine and YK-11. None of them are particularly expensive, with a bottle of 30ml of Ligandrol setting you back around $60.

Finally, there is that all important third-party Certificate of Analysis. They have up to date ones for every single SARM they sell, meaning that they ship nothing out that hasn’t been through rigorous testing to make sure that it’s the pure, unadulterated real deal that you expect. Leaving all else aside, this alone makes them a legitimate, trusted vendor in my eyes.

If you truly want to know how well a company services their customers, check out what the customers have to say. A cursory look online will show you how satisfied their customers generally are. Most people seem to be happy the quality of Proven Peptides’ SARMs. In an age in which customer reviews are a mere click of the mouse away, this is a big deal.

Are Proven Peptides safe?

This ties in to what I was saying above: Proven Peptides provide third-party Certificates of Analysis, meaning that their products should have nothing to give them any unintended consequences. How safe SARMs are in general is up for debate, though I have used them to great effect and with no side effects. But you can be sure that Proven Peptides’ products are exactly what they say they are, and no more.

The reasons I think they are safe are numerous. In an industry so often over-filled with scammers, fillers and supplements that have little to no positive impact, Proven Peptides stand out from the crowd. I think they are the best place for SARMs because of the following:

  • They provide up to date Certificates of Analysis
  • Their SARMs are pure and potent
  • They support everything they do with cutting edge research
  • Their customers in general report positive results
  • I have used them myself, with no ill side effects

Proven Peptides vs Sarms4You

Sarms4You are one of Proven Peptides’ main competitors. There is good reason for this: they are a good quality, slick business who also provide up to date credentials like the ones I’ve spoken about above. Their customer support is good and they are always eager and willing to answer any questions.

In every way, they are as good as, or nearly as good as, Proven Peptides. However, for me, Proven Peptides still have the edge. Their delivery is fast, their credentials are strong, and they price their products far more reasonably than Sarms4You do.

Either will give you good products and good results, but Proven Peptides come out on top.

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