Blackstone Labs Abnormal Review -
Blackstone Labs Abnormal Review

Blackstone Labs have always been a bit of a diamond in an industry that often contains some rougher elements. Where others might scrimp on doses or ingredients, or where they might sell you something with suspect scientific backing, Blackstone Labs’ products have a good reputation for potent, effective, workable supplements that give you real, immediate results.

Halodrol Review -
Halodrol Review

Halodrol, aka Chlorodehydromethylandrostenediol (CDMA) or 4-chloro-17α-methylandrost-1,4-diene-3β,17β-diol (let’s keep it simple and stick to calling it Halodrol!) is a prohormone that began life with a popularity surge in the mid-noughties. Legislation has put an end to many prohormones’ availability, nowadays. This includes Halodrol in its original form. However, there are some alternatives and variations that are workable and easy to find: Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals’ Halodrol 30 is amongst the best that money can buy.

Blackstone Labs’ Chosen 1 Review -
Blackstone Labs’ Chosen 1 Review

Chosen 1 is a 1-DHEA product that Blackstone Labs created and market as one of the most high-powered pro-andros that money can buy. They have good reason to do so: it really is quite strong stuff. As a 1-DHEA product, Chosen 1 is not a steroid. Rather, it is a precursor to 1-testosterone, a potent testosterone derivative that comes with an anabolic to androgenic ratio of 1:2. This will give you more drive and aggression during training, and will help to keep you motivated during recovery and before workouts. Your gains will be quite clean and dry with Chosen 1, meaning that no extra fluffy fat will accrue as you run a slight caloric surplus and enter into hypertrophy.

Best Prohormone for Cutting -
Best Prohormone for Cutting

With a great many prohormones available in today’s market, and with wealth of information on all of them, choosing the right one for your needs can be a little overwhelming. Whether you’re looking to increase the numbers on your main lifts, improve athletic performance and endurance, or to either make the most of a cutting phase or make sure that you remain shredded as you gain muscle, there will be something for you. Sorting out which product is for you, however, can be quite daunting.

Best Prohormones for Mass -
Best Prohormones for Mass

A prohormone is a precursor to a hormone (like, for instance, testosterone.) Incorporating prohormones into your supplementation regime will boost production of the relevant hormones. Basically, they will prompt your body to produce more of whichever hormone you need it to.

Obviously, this can be a great boon in the fitness world. Often, prohormones are bracketed alongside the likes of anabolic steroids, human growth hormone and testosterone boosters. They can lead to some serious gains, both in terms of hypertrophy (muscle growth) and athletic performance.

4-Andro Review -
4-Andro Review

4-Andro (androstenedione) is a steroid hormone. It is crucial in the production of oestrogen and testosterone. Naturally, it is mainly produced in men’s testes and women’s ovaries, with some also produced in the adrenal glands. However, androstenedione can also be formed into an oral supplement. In this regard, it is generally used as a natural alternative to anabolic steroids, functioning primarily to increase testosterone production. These supplements are used predominantly by men.