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Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs) are growing in popularity as people increasingly turn to them as a safe alternative to anabolic steroids. Today, I’ll be looking at two of the most popular SARMs available in this article. I’ll begin by explaining the pros and cons of them each, before going on to see which of the two is best: Ostarine or Ligandrol.


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Ostarine (also known as MK 2866 or Enobosarm) is one of the most commonly used SARMs by fitness enthusiasts and athletes, especially for those coming to SARMs as a first-timer.

As with all SARMs, Ostarine binds directly to your body’s androgen receptors in order to increase protein synthesis. It was designed specifically to treat patients suffering with muscle wasting diseases, and so is tailor made for drastically improving rates of hypertrophy. However, both newbies and more advanced users alike value Ostarine for its mildness. It will give you a good idea of what SARMs can do, how your body might respond to them, and how cycles can be run even by perhaps inexpert users.

If you take Ostarine during a caloric surplus, you will see great gains. Users report lean mass gains of between 5-10lbs on a typical 6-8-week Ostarine cycle at around 20mg daily. If you take it during a cutting phase, it will preserve your muscle mass even with a caloric deficit.

You can expect no side effects with Ostarine, and it is completely non-suppressive so no post cycle therapy (PCT) will be needed. It’s amongst my favourite fitness supplements ever: it is gentle yet potent, and will give you risk free, simple gains with no physiological changes outside of improved performance on the gym floor and enhanced recovery.

Ligandrol, also known as LGD 4033, is another firm favourite in fitness circles, beloved of gym goers and advanced athletes alike. As a SARM, much the same as Ostarine, it binds to your body’s androgen receptors, and so works to increase protein synthesis and build muscle more efficiently.

If you want to bulk up quickly whilst keeping your gains completely lean, Ligandrol is a good bet. You will find your hypertrophy gains rising quickly without any additional fluffy fat being added to your frame. I would put Ligandrol slightly ahead of Ostarine in this regard: it will make you bigger, faster.

Ligandrol is also great for strength athletes, or anybody with a great need for explosive power in their sporting discipline. Your strength will increase with often quite alarming speed and your power output will rise accordingly. If you thought strongmen were strong before, or that sprinters were fast or boxers could pack a punch, you haven’t seen anything yet: add Ligandrol to the mix and it all gets turned up to eleven.

I have always found Ligandrol to work bet during a slight caloric surplus, allowing your body the fuel it needs to work hard and grow. This will ensure you will make gains in size and strength pretty quickly but will keep you from putting on too much (if any) unwanted fat.

Whilst it is regarded as pretty safe- especially in comparison to anabolic steroids- LGD 4033 can be a little suppressive. It is certainly more suppressive, with more chance of hormonal side effects, than Ostarine. If you take Ligandrol, make sure to invest in a good quality, month long PCT afterwards.

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Ligandrol vs Ostarine: which is better?

For me, it’s Ostarine. It is safe and simple and will allow you to reach your goals without going full on beast mode or messing with your body’s natural testosterone production. It’s also what I would always recommend for beginners, no matter what. However, when choosing between Ligandrol and Ostarine, the main deciding factor will be what you need a SARM for: what are your own personal goals? If you have some experience with SARMs, exploring more nuanced options might be a very good idea.

LGD 4033 is a potent aid during a lean bulk. Increase your caloric intake to 500 or so above maintenance, take an 8-week Ligandrol cycle, train hard and watch as your body transforms. Your strength will sky-rocket and you will experience a much greater degree of hypertrophy. Your body will also stay lean as all those extra calories are used efficiently for hypertrophy and energy expenditure/

If you’re looking at developing lean mass quickly, Ligandrol will be the one for you.

However, as I mentioned above, if you’re looking to commit to a clean cut without wanting to lose any muscle mass as you dive into that caloric deficit, Ostarine is for you. It prevents muscle loss, increases strength and allows you to perform at your peak even as you deprive your body of its normal energy requirements.

If you are going for a cut, I would always recommend doing it in conjunction with a 6-8-week Ostarine cycle.


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