Bromantane Review

Nootropics may seem like a godsend to someone who has never considered the idea of ‘smart drugs.’ They sure did to me. However, a cautious person will naturally be wary of the flipside of the coin – are there side effects? Are these substances healthy?

These are, of course, natural questions that anyone concerned for their personal safety should ask. A lot of these smart drugs – more commonly known as nootropics – are fairly new to the market, and don’t have a significant body of research surrounding them. Some nootropics, however, have gained a following for their reputed benefits without displaying any negative effects.

One of those compounds is Bromantane. This substance was widely accepted by the users more gracefully and quickly than other nootropics due to its stimulant and anxiolytic effects in the body.

Before we go any any further and start talking about bromantane and its benefits, I need to provide a medical disclaimer. All information and content in this article is for information purposes only. Always seek the advice of medical health professional for specific and serious medical conditions.


Bromantane is Russia’s pharmaceutical product, originally called Ladasten (Ладастен).

Experienced nootropic users have graced Bromantane with more and more attention in the last few years, which means that beginners have the good chance of safely starting out with this supplement.

It’s not addictive and it gives more endurance against mental fatigue. That’s the most appealing factor for those interested in this particular type of nootropic.


Bromantine has interesting origins. During the research related to petroleum solutions, there was the amazing discovery of bromantine’s ancestor compound adamantane back in 1993. This created a completely new chemistry field which was dedicated to the further research of polyhedral organic compounds and its synthesis. After deeper analysis and research trials, despite the fact that researchers were looking for an antiviral substance that could cure Influenza, scientists discovered that adamantine itself and its derivatives behaved as dopamine receptors and were classified as stimulants. This meant that they had found some potential clinical applications for the substance.

Just after the breakthrough in the research of adamantine, huge funding supported the development of pharmaceutical products made out of this chemical. Bromantane exploded throughout the Russian pharmaceutical market back in the 80s as a unique stimulant drug at that time.Dopamine enhancers are great for providing energy. Besides being stimulatory in nature, they can be used to treat exhaustion, depression, neurosis, anhedonia, and neurasthenia. Dopamine agonists (the technical term for releasers of a certain neurotransmitter) like bromantine helped a lot in the past in treating early stages of Parkinson’s.


Presently, the nootropic nature of Bromantane is the subject of a constant dispute among users on various online communities like Reddit as to whether or not it should be classified as a nootropic. Nootropics are most often defined as cognitive enhancers, and in that respect, Bromantane is certainly a nootropic.


bromantane-atypical-psychostimulant-vector-15661658Bromantane chemical effect on the human organism stimulates serotonin and dopamine, which can impact focus and condition. At the same time, it doesn’t cause a cascade release of these neurotransmitters and cause euphoria, so there’s little chance of addiction.Substances like Bromantane act like anxiolytics (substances that reduce anxiety), adaptogens (substances that help to balance the different energies in your body), and stimulants. The development of tolerance is slow with this compound, which means the long-term and occasional users will both be guaranteed the benefits for a good duration.


Bromantane one of those nootropics that will boost both your physical and mental abilities. The difference between classic psychostimulants and Ladasten – a popular brand of Bromantane – is in the non-exhaustive cycle of it. There’s no oxygen consumption nor any body heat.


The results of Bromantane pharmacological action are quite impressive, and the stuff can provide the following effects:

  • Resistance to overheating
  • Restoration and increase of mental and physical working capacity
  • Anxiolytic effects
  • Promoting energy and eliminating fatigue
  • Improves learning processes and coordination of movements
  • The enhancement of the body’s immune system after as little as a single dose, by increasing the level of B-cells (the immune system’s fighting responses) and circulating immune complex in the bloodstream
  • Bromantane is able to influence liver functions by promoting detoxification and promoting synthesis of cytochrome P-450, which is used to metabolize active compounds
  • Almost non-existent side effects
  • Non-addictive with no withdrawal symptoms Increase in muscle strength
  • Liver detox
  • Increase in memory and learning

Like any substance, the prices vary depending on where you get it. Ladasten is one of the most popular brands of Bromantane. Ordering Ladasten online cost about 39 euros or 46 US dollars, and it contains enough 50mg daily doses to last for 20 days.

This is quite expensive compared to other nootropics. L-theanine, for example, a nootropic amino acid, can last users for over a year with a ten dollar purchase. However, if you source your Bromantine through a site like Nootropics Depot, which is known for its reliability



It’s the same advice like with any other nootropic, take it slow and see what’s your endurance if any. Since they are already making 25 mg pills, take one a day for starters. If you get raw powder, make sure you get an accurate milligram scale so you can weigh your doses.

The threshold were the effects kick in is lower than 10 mg. See where it takes you. If you don’t feel anything you can take it up to 50 mg, which is the normal daily dose. Longtime users usually recommend taking a 50mg pill in the morning. This way, tolerance won’t build up too quickly and the effects will linger all day.If you’re raising the dose, then you can do one capsule after breakfast and the other one in the afternoon. That’s the 100 mg/day variant. A daily dose of 100 mg or two pills should last for two to four weeks tops.I also have to answer the concern of taking Bromantane in the workplace. If I were you, I would keep this on a low-key.

A lot of employers frown upon using stimulants during working hours, even if they’re non-addictive and benefit the employee and the employer. However, there are some jobs where you have work late shifts or pull a double shift, then it’s expected from you to take something to boost your performance. Some drink Red Bull, you can pop a Bromantane.



As far as experiences go, we’ve scoured the internet looking for all kinds of experiences that might help you decide if this is a nootropic worth trying. Anecdotal evidence is among the best for making your own personal decision, because not everyone’ experience lines up with clinical evidence.This section should be understood as a list of pointers made out of various personal experiences, but the fact is that you should listen to your own body for response.

  • One Reddit user – let’s call him Superman – is a Bromantane advocate. This guy has been taking 100 mg of Bromantane every day for a month without any adverse effects. Superman felt what usually happens – boost in stamina, confidence, and motivation. He earned this kind of nickname because on top of 100 mg/day in a 30-day cycle, but it’s important to note that he took many other nootropics as well. The large number of responses to Superman’s report were in agreement with the benefits. He also reported that there wasn’t much as far as the side effects go. Most users took 50 mg/day and felt calm, euphorically happy and eager for physical activities. They didn’t need much sleep, social interactions were extremely pleasant.
  • One guy even spent 3 hours helping his colleague with his report – this guy obviously doesn’t care if he gets busted using this while on the job.
  • A female Reddit user – let’s call her Rain – struggled with depression. She said she took Bromantane for the period of two weeks and felt amazing. On one hand, she managed to force out depressive thoughts and feelings, on the other, she gained more mental energy and improved her libido. Everything was fine at first, but after she felt a small headache and little bit weak.

However, not everyone who uses Bromantane has had a positive experience. Let’s take a look at the experiences with bromantane coming from the users that felt nothing.

  • One Reddit user – let’s call him Jeff – explained how he fell asleep just an hour after popping one pill. That happened at first. After that, he started taking 100mg a day for a month and described feeling motivated and happy. He had some troubles with the waves of anxiety from before which stopped as soon as he started taking Bromantane, and additionally improved his ability to focus for extended periods of time.

Bromantane isn’t known for causing a lot of side effects. However, like any dopaminergic, it can cause a few things with high doses:

  • Anxiety and ‘jitters’
  • Digestive upset
  • Depression with excessive use


Bromantane is a very interesting compound that’s been used for quite a long time. Many people report positive experiences, but just like any compound, some people don’t have a good time.The most important thing is that you make sure to follow your own body’s response to the substance. This will help you decide whether or not the compound will be beneficial for you.

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