Blackstone Labs’ Chosen 1 Review

Blackstone Labs’ Chosen 1 Review -

Chosen 1: what is it?

Chosen 1 is a 1-DHEA product that Blackstone Labs created and market as one of the most high-powered pro-andros that money can buy. They have good reason to do so: it really is quite strong stuff.

As a 1-DHEA product, Chosen 1 is not a steroid. Rather, it is a precursor to 1-testosterone, a potent testosterone derivative that comes with an anabolic to androgenic ratio of 1:2. This will give you more drive and aggression during training, and will help to keep you motivated during recovery and before workouts. Your gains will be quite clean and dry with Chosen 1, meaning that no extra fluffy fat will accrue as you run a slight caloric surplus and enter into hypertrophy.

Chosen 1 is also a derivative of DHT. This means a few things. First and foremost, it won’t aromatize into oestrogen, meaning none of the hormonal imbalances you might experience with many anabolic steroids. Because of this, common issues such as gynecomastia and heightened water retention will be a rarity amongst Chosen 1 users. There will be no liver toxicity with Chosen 1: it is non-methylated and not harm the liver function in any way as the liver contains the necessary enzyme needed to convert 1-DHEA into 1-testosterone.

Essentially, Chosen 1 should give you an increased rate of hypertrophy, leading to greater muscle mass, alongside a spike to your strength and increased rate of recovery, with little to no bloating, suppression, fat gain, oestrogen conversion or any other health risks.

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Blackstone Labs: what makes them so special?

Blackstone Labs are a well-known brand with a great reputation; their customers can always rest assured that their money is going on top quality products that contain and do what it says on the label. For me, however, there is an added perk to Blackstone Labs’ products: their delivery mechanism.

Chosen 1 makes use of a very clever liposomal technology within its formula. This technology helps to inhibit conversion interruption by the digestive process. Liposomal technology is nothing new, of course: it has been around in medical formulas for many years as drug carriers. Liposomes are little, double layered bubbles made from essential phospholipids (fats, basically…) which are nutrient dense and which help to deliver these nutrients around the body. All told, this technology improves the bioavailability of its active ingredient (here, 1-DHEA) meaning improved absorption.

Using this liposomal technology in their products has meant that Blackstone Labs can give you a hell of a dose of Chosen 1. One of the downsides I had anticipated with Chosen 1 is that, because it has to be actively converted in the body, turned into another prohormone which only then converts to 1-testosterone, the amount you would be getting would be quite low. Compared to actual 1-testosterone supplements, this may indeed be the case, though I am sceptical. Their patented liposomal delivery system increases absorption enough that Chosen 1 remains a powerful prohormone.

In addition, esters have been included in this formula’s creation. These create a slow-release mechanism for the 1-DHEA, meaning a steady, consistent rate of uptake rather than a mass bombardment when you take the pills. You won’t need to keep dosing throughout the day, nor will you have to worry about synchronising the time you take them with training: feel free to pop one in the morning and, when it’s time to hit the gym, focus on nothing but the coming workout.

Chosen 1: the results

I found these to be a slightly mild, yet nevertheless effective compound. As I mentioned above, they are easy to take: I included them with my morning supplement intake and then forgot about them for the rest of the day. In this way, I went up from 84kg at around 15% bodyfat to 88kg at the same bodyfat after an 8-week cycle. I kept all training and dietary variables the same, so can say with some certainty that the 4kg of lean muscle I put on were down to the Chosen 1.

My main lifts all went up accordingly, with the larger movers being especially affected. My squat and deadlift numbers went up by quite a wide margin (+20-30kg each). More than this, however, was my recovery rate. I usually get a bit of a deadlift hangover, feeling tired and worn out the day after heavier lifts. That went away with Chosen 1. In fact, I wore up feeling fresh and ready to hit the gym once more: I had to stop myself from sneaking in extra sessions! There was also no appreciable difference in my libido or energy levels, and my aggression only went up in the gym (so it was probably as much a psychological effect as a result of the supplements.)

All in all, a very good spend, and a very good use of a cycle.

An end note: cycle support and PCT with Chosen 1

Although it’s non-suppressive, non-toxic and should have little to no effect on you oestrogen levels, I always advise taking support both during any anabolic or prohormone cycle, and post-cycle. Find yourself a good quality cycle support, perhaps with an additional herbal test-booster, for the 8 weeks you’re on Chosen 1. It won’t hurt, may help, and will allow you to protect your organs and sustain higher testosterone levels through training.

Similarly, I would push anyone to use a PCT. With the best guarantees in the world, there is always a chance that any pro-hormone will have an unintended consequence. For the sake of investing a little money into a good quality PCT, you will be insuring yourself against any kind of negative hormone imbalance.

Blackstone Labs sell good quality cycle supplements and PCTs, and I would highly recommend going with them for whatever products you want or need in this vein.

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