Blackstone Labs Abnormal Review

Blackstone Labs Abnormal Review -

Blackstone Labs have always been a bit of a diamond in an industry that often contains some rougher elements. Where others might scrimp on doses or ingredients, or where they might sell you something with suspect scientific backing, Blackstone Labs’ products have a good reputation for potent, effective, workable supplements that give you real, immediate results.

You will generally be at an advantage when you lift or train if you’re using a Blackstone Labs product or two in your supplement regime.

But what about Abnormal, their first 19-NOR DHEA product?

In this review I’ll run through a little information on what Abnormal is, how to take it, and what it can do for you.


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Abnormal: what is it?

Abnormal is 19-Norandrostenediol: quite a mouthful. It is a precursor to the anabolic-androgenic steroid nandrolone, and Blackstone Labs claim that it is a whopping three times as anabolic as pure testosterone, with an impressive 3:1 androgenic ratio. This is all quite impressive and will lead to some major muscle building results.

You should experience triple the hypertrophic result usually expected from any training regime when you take Abnormal as part of your supplement regime, with triple the growth and recovery, according to Blackstone Labs’ website.

Their formula is certainly intelligent and impressive. It supplies 95% bioavailability, meaning that very little of what you take will be wasted. You will get almost a full dose of their potent ingredients, backing up Abnormal’s claim to give you mutant gains: with this much going in so efficiently, it’s no wonder people are reporting epic results.

But what exactly is going in; what is Abnormal made of? Again, here it really is quite remarkable. The ingredient listing is simple and straightforward, with 3 variations of 19-Nor. The product’s formulation means that your body will have the best chance it can get at absorbing all the 19-Nor it needs, and they are apparently slow release, meaning that you will have a constant supply. You will be in a constant state of increased anabolic capacity.

This all means that your body’s anabolic functions will do what you want them to do- improve, drastically.

My Experience with Abnormal

The tablets are a little bitter and quite powdery, but long-time lifters won’t find this too much of a challenge. Anyone who’s pumped a decent amount of iron will likely have taken dozens of different types of tablet and supplement, and this is no worse than any other.

The efficacy of Abnormal is a slightly mixed affair. I will admit that I didn’t get the gains from it that I had expected, given how good the recipe sounds on close scrutiny. I think Blackstone Labs perhaps hyped it up too much, so I fell into the newbie trap of expecting miracles! However, more inexperienced lifters have reported differently, saying that they saw marked improvements on their heavy lifts. Therefore, I would suggest it to anybody who is relatively new to lifting or to taking prohormones.

This isn’t to say that I found it useless- far from it. The gains I did make were solid enough. My mid-range set strength shot up, so that I was able to pump in an extra few kilograms on lots of my dumbbell work at the 8-10 mark. My muscular endurance also improved slightly, so that longer workouts seemed far less taxing and I was able to lift at full capacity several times per week, rather than having the usual peak day: I was able to hit rate of perceived exertion RPE 9-10 a lot more often on Abnormal than off it.

My appetite didn’t go through much of a change on Abnormal. Usually, when I take a prohormone cycle, it goes through the roof. However, there were no spikes, nor was they any appetite suppression.

One final thing I will say is that users should beware: libido will shoot up for quite a while when you take Abnormal.

Abnormal results

You will see an increase to your strength and power. Maximal strength seems to be improved in newer lifters and prohormone takers, whilst strength for reps will benefit for everybody. Your muscles will be more vascular, meaning more energy and a more ripped looking physique.

Abnormal is also non-toxic and non-methylated, so it’s a relatively safe compound to include in your supplement regime. You can take it for up to 8 weeks as a cycle, during which time your endurance and recovery rate will significantly improve. My own lifting volume went up tremendously, to the point that I even added a couple of extra sessions into my usual routine a couple of weeks.

You should definitely see an increase in lean muscle mass. Even for more experienced lifters, the sheer amount of volume you will be able to put in on Abnormal will see to this. I put on about 4lbs over the course of a cycle, all of which was lean muscle.

How to take Abnormal


Blackstone Labs recommends taking one capsule with food in the morning and one capsule with food in the evening. I followed this and found it to work fairly well: there were no peaks or dips during the day, with energy levels consistent. I often train at different times in the day and I found a good degree of consistency.

As I mentioned above, Abnormal can be taken for up to 8 weeks.


Cycle support and PCT

I would always take some form of cycle support supplement when I’m taking any prohormone. This will protect against any nasty side effects and will help to prevent suppression. Any decent PCT support will do you well, though I would highly recommend Blackstone Labs’ Gear Support.

Similarly, I would always take a post cycle therapy (PCT) supplement for a month after any prohormone cycle. It will help you to restore natural hormone levels, resisting testosterone suppression and reducing oestrogen. It will also help you to retain the gains you made on-cycle.


We have tested several providers of Blackstone Lab is one of the best to gain muscle mass!
Our top cho​​​​ic​​​​​e is: Blackstone Labs Apex Male

My final thoughts

I like Abnormal. It’s not as potent as its packaging and sales pitch might have you believe, but this is probably a good thing. It enables you simply to work harder, pushing more, for longer, whilst aiding recovery and creating an anabolic effect that will see all that hard work pay off. You will put on a good amount of lean muscle training on an Abnormal cycle and, realistically, what more can you want?

I would recommend buying Abnormal now to see first-hand the solid results it can bring.

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