Best SARMs for Women

Best SARMs for Women -

Whether you’re looking to increase strength, stamina or power, or simply looking to lose body fat without losing any muscle mass, SARMs will help you to reach your goals.

However, a concern many women have before taking SARMs is that it will make them look too muscular or in any way detract from their natural femininity. I would like to lay this fear to rest today: SARMs won’t do this.

They are not miracle drugs; if you take them, you don’t immediately erupt with extra muscles, looking like the Incredible Hulk. They are a supplement to aid in muscle development and retention, nothing more. If you take lower doses than men might, and if your natural testosterone levels are in check, there is nothing to worry about.

Why Women Might Consider Using SARMs

It should go without saying that we all want to be the strongest versions of ourselves that we can be: if you’re reading this article, you probably agree with this sentiment. You train yourself hard at whatever athletic discipline most suits you; you eat a clean diet packed full of all the appropriate nutrients; you rest and recover; in other words, you do everything right.

But we all want an edge: we all want to push the bar and maximise our health and fitness goals.

You won’t have far to look to find a multitude of supplements that promise to help you achieve your goals. They will all promise to help you with any number of facets of health and fitness, guaranteeing fat loss, energy boosts, increased strength, and lean muscle gains… but they don’t usually work. You are rightly wary of steroids, as you don’t want acne, greasy hair, a deep voice and traps like a dolphin’s fin.

However, if you’re putting in all that hard work, a little something extra on top will always be welcome.

This is where SARMs come in to the equation. Women who take SARMs can look forward to a couple of welcome physical changes. Their energy levels should improve, as should their muscular endurance. More than this, however, is the lean, strong physique that comes from including SARMs with a solid training and nutrition plan.

They are the best option in today’s market for building muscle and keeping your body looking toned, without any of the nasty side effects that steroids can bring. They will also allow women to keep natural looking physiques- just ones that are in top condition- rather than the thick chests, limbs and traps so often associated with anabolic steroid use.

Results come on quickly, with most women seeing improvements in the relevant areas within the first 1-2 weeks. SARMs tablets can be safely included into any pre-existing supplement routine.

SARMs vs Alternatives

The most common alternatives to SARMs are steroids and prohormones. As I mentioned above, these often come with a bucket load of nasty side effects, however, which many women report as negatively affecting their own sense of femininity. Deepening of the voice, skincare issues and body and facial hair are all common with anabolic steroids and hormonal supplementation.

Though compounds like Anavar and Winstrol allow women to build muscle fast, whilst burning fat, SARMs do so safely. You will be able to progress linearly, quickly, and safely with SARMs without having your natural hormonal output affected. Side effects will be limited and manageable.

What are the best SARMs for women?

Liquid 25 mg daily in a 4-6 week cycle CHECK PRICE
Ligandrol (LGD-4033)
Liquid 10 mg in an 8-week cycle CHECK PRICE
Andarine (S4)
Liquid 50 mg in a 6-8 week cycle CHECK PRICE
Liquid 10 – 20mg in an 8-week cycle. CHECK PRICE

The following are the most popular, most highly recommended SARMs for women:

Cardarine is one of my favourite SARMs for anybody. It boosts energy levels, promotes fat loss, rectifies any metabolic anomalies and increases endurance, as well as being a great muscle builder. For women, 10-20 mg daily is a safe and sufficient dose.

Ostarine and Ligandrol are also great for women. They have few side effects, great metabolic effects and are strong muscle builders. Once more, 10-20 mg daily of Ostarine is sufficient, as is 5-10 mg of Ligandrol. However, for me, the two work best stacked- they bring out the best in each other. I would suggest 5 mg daily of each.

Andarine will work best at a moderate dose of around 10-20 mg daily and will give you a great mass building phase alongside some strong athletic enhancement.

All of the above are reasonably safe for women to take with confidence, though I will of course go into potential side effects below.

Cycles and PCT for Women

SARMs work best in cycles of 6-12. It isn’t recommended to take them for longer than this, or to begin a new cycle within 4-8 weeks of the previous one.

I would always aim for 12 weeks for the best results, during which time you will want to keep your training and nutrition as on-point as possible. Follow this with an 4-8 week stand down period, in which you forgo SARM use whilst continuing training and eating healthily.

No PCT is necessary for women, as you won’t experience suppression from the SARMs (your testosterone levels should be naturally low anyway).

SARMs Side Effects

So far, I have been talking about the safety of SARMs and the fact that they are relatively risk free when compared with alternatives like anabolic steroids and prohormones.

Please note, however, that they are relatively risk free. Their risks are much lower than with alternative supplements, but this doesn’t mean that they are completely risk free.

When you use them correctly, and stick to recommended doses, you shouldn’t experience any side effects. You should always start at a low dose to see how your body responds, then adjust upward accordingly.

However, some users, especially those on higher doses, may experience any of the following side effects from SARMs:

  • Acne
  • Deepening of the voice
  • Changeable moods and energy levels
  • Increased or decreased libido


SARMs are one of the best developments in the health and fitness industry in recent times. They have allowed both men and women to get the results they want. They help women in particular to develop strong, lean physiques, with boosted athletic capabilities and higher energy levels, without the severity of side effects that steroids or prohormones bring.
If you use them correctly, as I’ve laid out above, SARMs could be the best thing you ever add to your supplement regime.

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