Best SARMs Cutting Stack

Best SARMs Cutting Stack -

SARMs balance performance enhancement with safety and longevity in a way that no other products do. You get ‘safer’ compounds that do much less for your performance, and you get compounds that give you great gains and improvements whilst damaging your health. SARMs, on the other hand, give you almost peerless results whilst being incredibly safe.

One of the most common uses of various SARMs is as an aid during a caloric deficit- a cut, in bodybuilding terminology. In today’s article, I’ll be running through everything you need to know to put together the ultimate SARM combination into an epic cutting stack.


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Our top cho​​​​ic​​​​​e is: MK-2866 (Ostarine) By Rats Army

What is the ‘best’ SARMs stack?

This is not a question that I’m ever too willing to answer. This is because there is no such thing as the ‘best’ stack- there are only stacks that are more or less relevant to your goals. Therefore, if you’ve tried out a couple of stacks for performance enhancement, strength gains or hypertrophy, that’s all well and good: but they won’t be the best for cutting. We really need to zero in on your goal and prescribe accordingly.

For this article, ‘best’ means the best stack for increasing fat burn and preserving muscle mass and strength through a caloric deficit. We need SARMs that work in concert to achieve these aims.

The stacks

I have a couple of double stacks that I really value for cutting. They will allow you to shed bodyfat whilst still performing well in the gym, keeping onto your muscle mass, eventually ending up both healthier and more aesthetic.

I’m currently running a cutting stack with Ostarine and Ligandrol to great effect. I began on 10mg of Ostarine and 5mg of Ligandrol daily for the first week, before bringing it up to 20mg of Ostarine (keeping the Ligandrol the same throughout.) I’ve experienced greater energy levels than usual, have shed several pounds in fat so far (I’m halfway through an 8-week cycle) and all my major compound lifts have seen an increase of about 5%. I’ve gained a decent amount of muscle whilst keeping to a 300 calorie daily deficit -meaning that it’s quite a mild cut.

The second one is a classic and uses Cardarine (GW 501516) and Ostarine (MK 2866). Run this stack for 8 weeks, taking 10mg of Cardarine daily and 20mg of Ostarine.

This could be just about my favourite stack, using my two favourite SARMs. Cardarine is a great metabolic booster, meaning that you will burn fat a lot faster and find yourself with far more energy. It will also enhance your performance, meaning that you will still be strong and athletic during a caloric deficit. Meanwhile, Ostarine is well known as a mild, incredibly safe SARM that is great for muscle preservation. It may even allow you to experience hypertrophy during a cut- I have been able to do this before on Ostarine.


We have tested several providers of CARDARINE for their balance of quality, price and reliability.
Our top cho​​​​ic​​​​​e is: GW-501516 (Cardarine)By Rats Army

The triple: Ostarine, Cardarine and Andarine

Though I don’t use them too often, you can go for a SARMs triple stack to really close in on your goals and give yourself the best chance of achieving them. The reason I don’t do them too often is that I have had such great results from the double stacks mentioned above. However, if you need a bit of a push, or if you just fancy trying something new in your supplementation regime, the triple could be for you.

My favourite triple stack for cutting is adding Andarine to the Cardarine and Ostarine stack. Try running the aforementioned 10mg of Cardarine and 20mg of Ostarine daily, with 50mg of Andarine. A 6-8-week cycle will be more than enough. Any more could become a little suppressive, and the efficacy of each SARM will begin to tail off.

These three SARMs are amongst the most well-researched and well-documented. Together, they have the power to dramatically change your physique in just a couple of months. The Andarine will aid the Ostarine in maintaining and even building lean mass- realistically, with these doses and this combination, hypertrophy during the cut is almost certain. You will keep your strength and athleticism, meaning that all that work you have put into building yourself into a power-house won’t be wasted. Cardarine will do what Cardarine does: your performance, endurance and energy levels will all be lifted, and your metabolic rate will rise.

I’ve used this stack a couple of times. Though I usually find the double stacks sufficient, sometimes you want to bring out the big guns. Ostarine, Cardarine and Andarine together definitely count as big guns.

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