Best Nootropics for Energy

Ah, energy. It’s the most vital thing a person can have because it dictates what we’re able to accomplish in a day, how well and how clear we’re able to think, our dedication to accomplishing our goals, our ability to perform in any number of tasks – pretty much everything that we do is directly related to our energy levels. For that thing, it’s important to cultivate energy.

We have tested several energy boosting nootropics that can help you move forward and boost your energy levels.

While certain lifestyle practices like getting exercise on a regular basis and staying hydrated can have a positive effect on our energy levels, sometimes this isn’t enough. Even with a healthy lifestyle, there are many situations that one might want extra energy.

  • If you’re working extra hours you might find yourself fatigued and unable to perform. While I won’t get into the ethical issues of an employer taking you with more than 40 hours a week and expecting you to function at 100% the whole time, some people would prefer to just find an energy supplement instead of confronting their employer.
  • If you’ve got a lot on your plate right now and are bogged down by the stress of having kids, having too much to do, or having to take care of too many living beings, having some nootropics to promote your energy levels can do wonders.
  • Some people may want to improve their sex lives. Having sex requires a great deal of energy, both mentally and physically, and nootropics can be a great way to provide you with the necessary energy to enhance your libido and your sex life.
  • Students who are studying for exams – or, indeed, students at any time of the year who are cursed with the blasted rise-before-the-sunrise mentality of western school – can benefit immensely from having some energy supplements that work.

Some nootropics can be extremely stimulating and provide you with the extra kick that you need to accomplish more than anyone could in a given amount of time. Other nootropics provide a longer-lasting, subtle energy that’s not so in-your face.

Before we start talking about specific energy boosting nootropics, I need to provide a medical disclaimer.All content in this article is published for informational purposes only and should not be considered as a medical advice. If you always feel tired, weak and fatigued, my strong advice is to visit professional healthcare provider. We’re going to outline some of the most popular nootropics that are used today for energy, as well as recommendations on how much to take and what you can stack them with. Hopefully you’ll learn something from this article!

What are the Best Nootropics for Energy?

Capsules 500 – 1000 mg per day CHECK PRICE
Rhodiola Rosea
Capsules 200 – 1000 mg per day CHECK PRICE
Capsules 50 – 200 mg per day CHECK PRICE
Tablets 100 – 200 mg per day CHECK PRICE
Capsules or Powder 20 mg per day CHECK PRICE
Capsules 1200 mg per day (max 3 doses at 400 mg per day) CHECK PRICE


L-tyrosine is a great supplement for those who enjoy it. I’ve used it a few times with relative success, but it doesn’t really float my boat – quite possibly because I’m very sensitive to dopamine. L-tyrosine is actually a precursor to dopamine, which means that your body metabolizes it into dopamine once you ingest it. This means that it leads to a direct increase in dopamine levels in your brain, which can be very intense for some. Higher levels of dopamine – when they don’t go too far above normal – lead to increased productivity, more motivation, energy, and focus, as well as a significant mood boost. However, don’t take too much – symptoms of excessive dopamine can include nausea, anxiety, the jitters, and even delusional thoughts.


Some people report effects from as little as 100 mg of L-tyrosine, which I’d recommend that you begin with. You can always take more, but taking too much can be rather unpleasant. On that note, it’s important to take L-tyrosine on an empty stomach, otherwise you probably won’t feel much. It’s also important not to take it with other amino acids because they compete for absorption and you won’t feel the full effects of any of them.L-tyrosine stacks very well with modafinil and provides a light-hearted mood boost to modafinil’s subtle but consistent energy boost.

Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola quickly became one of my favourite nootropics and has actually allowed me to cycle off most of the other energy and motivation supplements I take because it’s so powerful. Rhodiola also helped ease me into the world of herbal nootropics, which I had been wary of since having so many positive experiences with synthetic nootropics. Rhodiola really smacked me in the face though. The only reason I don’t take it everyday is because tolerance builds up quite quickly, and the effects are best felt if you only use it two or three times a week.

The effects, however, are impressive. Rhodiola provides clear, long-lasting energy and motivation throughout the day. The first time I used it I had confused it for gotu kola, and I took it after spending 24 hours awake because I thought it would help me sleep. It was not Gotu Kola, it was Rhodiola, and it kept me energized until later that evening. Even after 24 hours without sleep, I felt energetic and functional after taking Rhodiola. Not only that, but Rhodiola greatly enhances cognition. I was able to study complex topics that I usually wouldn’t have given a second glance after staying awake for more than a night. Memory was enhanced and I was able to get my thoughts out clearly, which doesn’t usually happen when I’m sleep deprived.


Rhodiola usually comes in capsules that are weighed at 300mg. I prefer to get the raw powder and measure out a dose that’s similar. Rhodiola probably stacks great with everything, but honestly, the only thing I take when I’m using Rhodiola is yerba mate and maybe some holy basil if I feel the energy is getting too intense. It’s a very well-rounded supplement that provides as much benefit on its own as an entire energy stack.


Caffeine’s value as a nootropic is often understated – possibly because most people consider caffeine to be found only in coffee and energy drinks. These are certainly the most unstable forms of caffeine and can easily lead to anxiety, jitters, insomnia, as well as long-term dependency and health problems.Caffeine is available in many other sources, however. Two of the best sources for caffeine are:

  • Yerba mate, a South American herbal plant that packs almost as much caffeine as coffee. The caffeine in yerba affects people much differently than the caffeine in coffee, though, as a result of the many other active compounds found in the plant.
  • Yerba provides an equal level of mental stimulation as coffee but allows you to be much more relaxed. You can actually sleep after drinking a big gourd of yerba mate. It also provides more of a mood boost and allows you to focus on things easier than coffee.
  • Green tea is another popular source of caffeine that doesn’t leave you as wired as coffee. This is probably because it contains l-theanine, a substance that promotes relaxation and has since become a popular nootropic on its own.


Modafinil’s at the top of the list for me because it’s a very unique substance. It’s the only thing I’ve used that I think deserves the title of wakefulness promoting agent, because unlike Red Bull or other energy drinks that boast that term, Modafinil doesn’t send you flying off the walls. Red Bull should be labeled crack in a can, considering the high dose of caffeine doesn’t make it much of a nootropic energy drink. Modafinil manages to provide energy without making you feel ‘energized.’ That is to say, it simply reduces fatigue. I like to set my alarm an hour before I have to wake up and take a Modafinil, then go back to sleep. By the time I’m supposed to wake up, the Modafinil is just kicking in and I’m able to jump out of my bed ready to start the day.

Modafinil is also one of the best mental energy boosters I’ve ever used. While caffeine and other stimulatory nootropics can seem a bit over-the-edge in terms of mental focus, Modafinil feels calm, clear and collected the entire time.


Modafinil typically comes in 100mg tablets. These are what I take, but some people split them in half and are fine with 50mg. Other people need to take 200mg. The most important thing is to find your sweet spot, because once you do, taking more won’t really do anything. Modafinil doesn’t function like other energy supplements because you can’t take more and more until you get ‘wired.’ It either works or it doesn’t. If you want to stack Modafinil with something, you could consider using a dopamine boosting nootropic or supplement like L-tyrosine. This will provide a mood boost along with the subtle stimulation that Modafinil provides, which can make a tiring day turn into an exciting, enjoyable experience.


Noopept is one of the best nootropics that you could take for a sheer mental boost of energy. While taking higher doses of Noopept can lead to jittery feelings akin to taking too much caffeine, taking a normal dose will only cause negligible physical stimulation. Noopept is fantastic for kicking your mind into gear, though. After a single sublingual dose, you’ll only need two or three minutes before you feel the cogs really start turning. Improved focus, heightened creativity and clarity of thought and motivation to really think things out are some of the immediate effects of Noopept.


Noopept is an incredibly potent compound and you only need a few milligrams of it to feel anything. If you’re taking it sublingually, which you should be, you’ll only need 3-5mg. You can take this dose several times a day – once in the morning, afternoon and evening is usually good. You can skip your evening dose if you’re worried you might not get to sleep. Noopept is very chemically similar to the racetams and functions in a similar manner. For that reason it’s important to add a choline source to a Noopept stack. This will ensure that you don’t get ‘burned out’ and that your brain has enough choline for the extra cognitive function that you’ll be performing.


Pramiracetam is stimulating enough that if you take it while you’re trying to fall asleep, you probably won’t fall asleep. However, the energy provided by pramiracetam is much more mental in nature, so we’ve included it in the mental energy section. When I take pramiracetam I notice a significant improvement to my creativity and clarity of thought within half an hour. I become more motivated to finish tasks – not in a physical sense, like I won’t be driven to wash the dishes, but in a mental sense – like completing a story I’ve been working on or drawing a picture.

Pramiracetam is also socially energizing. You’ll feel more inspired to have conversations and connect deeply with people. You’ll also probably notice people complimenting you on your newfound health and deep thinking!


I buy my Pramiracetam from a place that includes a 500mg scoop, and that’s the dose I’ve used ever since I got it. I can still feel the effects taking less, but taking much more leaves me jittery and uncomfortable. Pramiracetam should not be taken sublingually unless you like having burns and sores erupt in your mouth. I haven’t seen any studies that indicate Pramiracetam is unhealthy for you, but this is also something to consider before taking this supplement.

In conclusion

There are a lot energetic nootropics out there. Some are good for boosting mental energy, some provide physical energy, and some provide a nice mixture of both. Hopefully we’ve helped broaden your understanding of nootropics today, and I wish you good luck in your nootropic ventures.