About Us

Hello, dear visitor! Welcome to the Nootropic Underground! Get the latest reviews and science news on nootropics or “smart drugs”, best muscle building supplements on the market and the top brain supplements that can improve memory, focus, and energy and protect against cognitive impairment, depression and anxiety.

Few words about me and how I started with the biohacking. My name is Chuck Stowers. I’m a long-time biohacker,  licensed personal trainer, and certified holistic health practitioner who is passionate about nutrition and optimising my health.

I was working in the corporate world for seven years, get paid well and worked long hours almost every day. I did enjoy my job most of the time, but the demanding work had become stressful at one point. Chronic stress resulted in low energy, anxiety and depression, sleeping issues, and other mental health problems. I was also dealing with few physical conditions.

I heard about biohacking from a guy who worked in our partner company. He managed to mild the symptoms of ADHD with the use of nootropics. I found it intriguing and interesting. That’s when I started doing my own research, reading blogs and scientific researches about the use of cognitive enhancers and their health benefits.

I have been into biohacking since 2012. Since then, I have tried different supplements and vitamins, nootropics and muscle enhancers. Some worked wonderfully for me, while there are some I wouldn’t recommend. Nootropic Underground reflects on my experience with different nootropic supplements over the past few years. The goal of this website is to provide latest and most accurate information about the best nootropic products on the market. I pride myself as a relatable and honest reviewing blog. I’m a long-time user of nootropics and with connections to the insiders in the industry.

Please, note that I’m not a medical health professional or a scientist. However, I’m happy to share with the world what has worked for me. There are a lot of supplements out there, claiming to make you smarter, stronger or enduring. But which ones are the best? How do I know what supplements to take?! I’ll try to answer these questions. It is important to remember that every human body or brain is different. What works for you, might not work for others. The key is to experiment and find out what works for you. I am here to help you find the quality nootropic supplements that work. Instead of making excuses, it is time to make some real changes, to become a better version of yourself.

I am also a hardcore motorcycle enthusiast, who rides everyday. I also like hiking, spending time in the mountains with my bike and eating cheesecake. 

Hope you’ll enjoy the website. If you have any questions, please send them here